Want Remote Controlled Lights in Your Plandome, NY Home?

Want Remote Controlled Lights in Your Plandome, NY Home?

Rely on us to set up affordable home lighting automation

Don't you hate it when you're warm and comfortable in bed and realize you forgot to turn off the lights? There's an easier solution than leaving the warmth of your bed. Ultra Audio/Video & Security, Inc offers home lighting automation services for residents of Plandome, NY. Our team has the knowledge and equipment needed to install remote controlled lights and shades efficiently.

Never leave the comfort of your bed to turn off the lights again - schedule your home lighting automation installation today.

Start reaping the benefits of a home automation system

Remote controlled lights and shades are guaranteed to be convenient and helpful. Imagine the possibilities if you had a home automation system:

  • Open your shades each morning with the push of a button so you can watch the sunrise
  • Snuggle up on the couch with your popcorn and turn off the lights from your seat
  • Increase your privacy by closing all your blinds automatically as it gets dark

We are a certified dealer of Lutron automation systems, including RadioRa systems. For more information about our lighting and shade automation services in Plandome, NY, call 800-539-8086 now.